New York Comiccon 2018

Hey folks
This is for NYCC commission list=) For rate info please check out the link: 

AA C14
See you there!

Comicdom Con Athens 2018

Print art for Comicdom Con Athens 2018 (April 20-22)
Comicdom was a blast! 
Such an awesome experience with all those beautiful people. 
Athens was amazing!
I'm a little new at this stuff but I attended some panels and a workshop; 
met with great artists and great comic fans. 
Thank you again for invited me neighbour! =)

For New Sketchbook

Some BW Pages I did for Elsewhere

Elsewhere Cover Artwork

Some Elsewhere covers which i forgot to post long time ago :)

Writer: Jay Faerber
Colors: Ron Riley
Letterer: Thomas Mauer
Editor: Frank Pittarese
Line art: by me

My contribution for Walking Dead commemorate cover series

Commission Rates

Please read below if you interest getting a traditional sketch commission.

-Fırst, i have to mention that Paypal isn't available because 
it doesn't work in my country for a few years. 
Options are only Western Union or Transferwise,
(For pre-show commissions: payment will be delievered at convention.)

-All artworks Black-White
-Single character
-Full body(11'x17')+Simple backround: $120
-Half body2(9'x12')+simple backround: $90
-Two full body characters(11'x17')+ simple backround: $160

 *Shipment included.


Thank you for your interest.

Examples in order:

  • Elsewhere!

    Image Comics has announced our new comic series co-created with Jay Faerber!
    Elsewhere coming in August 2, 2017.

    Writer, Jay Faerber
    Colors, Ron Riley
    Letters, Thomas Mauer
    Editor Frank Pittarese
    Amazing cover B by  Andrew C. Robinson
    And art by yours truly

    Check out for more info: 

    Sneak Peek From New Image Comics Series

    One page from new comics series with Jay Faerber! 
    Amazing colors by Ron Riley
    More info at the end of May'17

    Very First Kesgin Sketchbook

    NYCC 2016 Banner progress

    Rough sketch> inked work > coloring steps
    (Huge thanks to Andrew C. Robinson for his help at finale step)

    Happy Sumi


    Traditional Sketches








    New York Comiccon 2016

    Hello folks!

    I'll be attending NYCC in this October! I'm pretty excited! 
    I'll be doing pre-show commissions. Max. 5 slots because of my schedule
    If you're interested, please contact me at:


    -Single character, 
    -Black & white
    -Half figure, [9‘ x 12’], $ 100
    -Full figure, [11’ x 17’], $ 150
    -Artwork will be delivered at the show